Expand Your Network and Get Deals Done Like At No Other Conference in the World at PartnerConnect Events!

PartnerConnect: an "events of events" which combines several branded conferences under one roof. It's a hub of content and networking, all of it focused on private markets, where attendees constantly cross-pollinate, as they freely move from one event to the next.

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What are PartnerConnect Events?

The editors of Buyouts Magazine, Venture Capital Journal and peHUB.com have developed a networking event unlike any you've experienced. Senior executives from every part of the private equity/venture capital value chain converge for 2+ days of unparalleled networking, idea generation and deal-making opportunities. Hundreds of top-rated elite experts share actionable advice specifically on:

    • LPs and Fundraising
    • Middle Market Deals & Financing
    • Venture and Growth Equity
    • High Growth Technology
    • Private Real Estate
    • Energy & Infrastructure
    • And much, much more.

Institutional investors are faced with crucial risk-return decisions around allocating capital to private market investment fund managers while, in turn, demanding more knowledge of the workings of these industries.

Meanwhile, fund managers in private equity, venture capital, growth equity, and real assets work furiously at putting existing capital to work to seize on the challenging-yet-dynamic environment.

Benefit from A Unique Event Structure

PartnerConnect is an “events of events” which combines several branded conferences under one roof, all of it focused on private markets, where attendees constantly cross–pollinate, as they freely move from one event to the next. Whether your focus is on Private Equity, Venture & Growth Capital, Real Assets, or Growth Equity, you'll find more insight and connections here than any conference you'll attend all year.

If you are a fund manager, institutional investor or intermediary in the private equity, venture and growth capital, or real asset space, PartnerConnect presents networking and idea generation opportunities not found at other conferences.
With more than 2500 attendees in 2014, over 600 LPs, and over 1500 private 1:1 meetings in our meetings program, PartnerConnect Events are an experience like no other.

Peter Thiel, Founder, Mithril Capital Management; Clarium Capital Management

Hamilton James, President & COO, The Blackstone Group

Henry Kravis, Co-Founder, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Steve Young, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, HGGC