PartnerConnect West 2015

October 13-14, 2015, The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA

Venture Alpha West  

Catching The Next Unicorn

Venture capitalists, Start-up Founders/CEOs and venture-focused institutional investors will flock to Half Moon Bay this Fall to participate in the 4th Annual Venture Alpha conference. This year’s theme, Catching the Next Unicorn, will feature senior-level discussions on the current VC marketplace, which is experiencing valuations and growth like few other times in the history of the asset class.

The two-day session of keynotes, panel discussions and fireside chats will focus on the impact of the changing venture-backed landscape, which is filled with hundreds of unicorns and pre-unicorns that are aiming to be the next Uber, Facebook and Pinterest.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Why companies are staying private longer and what that means for the VCs who back them. Finding liquidity in today’s market.
  • The changing behavior of public market investors and how they are positioning themselves to participate in late-stage rounds rather than go IPO. Implications of the private IPO and richly valued late-stage rounds on venture.
  • Are we in a bubble, or are rising valuations a symptom of a new, sustainable era of richly valued tech companies? Will public and private valuations come into better balance or is this a sustainable era of richly private companies?
  • So a company says it’s on the path to achieve unicorn status. How can a VC tell, and what are the keys to building a consumer unicorn? What are the dynamics behind today’s high growth companies and are these milestones and growth metrics likely to last?
  • So you say you’re a VC who knows how to find a unicorn. What do investors want to know? What are investors saying about today’s liquidity, or lack there of?
  • The new VC. What features do firms need to provide to lure the next great startup and who are the emerging GPs in the category?

There’s never been a more important time for entrepreneurs, VCs, and LPs to come together and discuss the asset class, which has the potential to generate returns like never before. This era also carries incredible risk.

Join us in Half Moon Bay to take the next step to ensure that you have the information and network you need to catch the next unicorn.

John Chiang

California State Treasurer

Scott Brooks

Former Managing Director & Head of Defined Contribution, SEI's Institutional Group
Funder & Co-President, Defined Contribution Real Estate Council

Jeremy Coller

Founder and Chief
Investment Officer,
Coller Capital

Volkert Doeksen

AlpInvest Partners

Naval Ravikant

CEO and Co-founder,

Gunnar Branson

President, National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers

Andrea Auerbach

Managing Director,
Head of Global Private Investment Research, Cambridge Associates

Jonathan Coslet

Chief Investment Officer,
TPG Capital

Piyush Bhardwaj

Managing Partner, CoInvestment Partners

Rich Lawson

Managing Partner, Co-Founder & CEO, HGGC






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Who's Coming?

Who attends Venture Alpha West? Virtually every major Financial Sponsor and hundreds of LPs. Here are a sample of firms that are attending Venture Alpha West.

  • Allied World Assurance Company
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Globe Equity Partners
  • Harvard Business School
  • JPMorgan
  • VSS


Who Should Attend Venture Alpha West?
  • LPs interested in committing to venture funds
  • Advisors to institutional investors active
    in alternatives
  • VCs
  • Entrepreneurs interested in meeting with VCs
  • Service providers interested in networking with senior
    venture executives


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time Venture Alpha West Track
7:00 am Networking Breakfast
8:00 am Welcome Remarks
8:05 am Keynote Speaker: Volkert Doeksen, Co-Founder, AlpInvest Partners
MODERATOR: Steve Gelsi
8:35 am Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Coslet, Chief Investment Officer, TPG
MODERATOR: Steve Gelsi
9:05 am Keynote Speaker: To Be Announced
9:35 am AM Networking Break
10:00 am Panel 1: The Great Bubble Debate. Panelists Take Sides On the Valley's Biggest Question.
MODERATOR: Alastair Goldfisher
Charles Froland, CEO and CIO, Performance Equity; Greg Brogger, CEO and Founder, Sharespost; Josh Breinlinger, Managing Director, Jackson Square Ventures
10:30 am Panel 2: Shark Tank: Our LPs Evaluate a Live VC Pitch
MODERATOR: Lawrence Aragon
SPEAKERS: Ben Choi, Managing Director, Legacy Venture; Karin Geldfeld, Director, Abbot Downing; Brian Bank, Founder, Redwing Advisors
11:00 am Panel 3: Entrepreneur Spotlight: The VC/Founder Dynamic Explored
MODERATOR: Alastair Goldfisher
SPEAKERS: Damien Patton, Founder and CEO, Banjo; Jim Scheinman, Founder and CEO, Maven Ventures
11:30 am

Plenary Keynote Speaker: Naval Ravikant, CEO & Co-Founder, AngelList

Innovating in the Deals Market

12:00 pm Networking Lunch
1:00 pm

Keynote Speaker: Greg Bohlen, Co-Founder, Union Grove Venture Partners

One LP Takes On The Midas List: New Frontiers In VC Deal Attribution

1:30 pm Panel 4: Opportunity Funds And Follow On Financings: Should LPs Participate?
MODERATOR: Mark Boslet
SPEAKERS: Garth Timoll, Top Tier Capital Partners; Matt Curtolo, Manager, Private Equity, Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.; Theresa Sorrentino Hajer, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates; Jarrod Fong, Managing Director, JP Morgan
2:00 pm Panel 5: Today's Exit Market: The Impact of High Valuations and How to Achieve Liquidity in the Unicorn Era
MODERATOR: Alastair Goldfisher
Mona De Frawi, CEO and Founder, GrowthSTARS Media; Jeff Richards, Managing Partner, GGV Capital; Mike Harden, Co-founder and Senior Partner, Artis Ventures
2:30 pm Panel 6: The LP View On Seed Deals
MODERATOR: Lawrence Aragon
SPEAKERS: Malcolm Goepfert, Director of Investments, James Irvine Foundation; Evan Darr, Principal, Invesco Private Capital
3:00 pm PM Networking Break
3:30 pm Panel 7: Up-and-Coming VCs and Generational Shifts
MODERATOR: Ryan Koch, Partner, Moss Adams LLP
SPEAKERS: Indranil Guha, Partner, Bain Capital Ventures; Nikhil Trivedi, Principal, Shasta Ventures; Eric Liaw, General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners; Suraj Rajwani, Managing Partner, DoubleRock
4:00 pm Panel 8: Analysis and Access: How LPs Can Ensure Maximum Exposure To The Brightest VCs
MODERATOR: Lawrence Aragon
SPEAKERS: Rebecca Connolly, Partner, Fairview Capital; Matt Diestel, Vice President, QIC Global Private Equity; Chris Douvos, Managing Director, Venture Investment Associates; Ken Wallace, Managing Director, Industry Ventures; Hans Swildens, CEO, Industry Ventures
4:30 pm Closing Panel: Building Diversity: What Efforts are Underway in the GP and LP Communities
MODERATOR: Mark Boslet
SPEAKERS: Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder and Partner, Scale Venture Partners; Mishone Donelson, Principal, Fairview Capital Partners; Sylvia Flores, Co-Founder, Manos Accelerator
5:00 pm Cocktails

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Time Venture Alpha West Track
7:30 am Networking Breakfast
8:00 am Welcome Remarks
8:05 am Opening Keynote Speaker: Rich Lawson, Managing Partner, Co-Founder & CEO, HGGC
MODERATOR: Steve Gelsi
8:35 am Keynote 8: Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation: Jeremy Coller, Founder and CIO, Coller Capital
MODERATOR: Steve Gelsi
9:05 am Keynote 9: John Chiang, California State Treasurer
MODERATOR: Steve Gelsi
9:25 am Networking Break
10:00 am Panel 9: LP Perspective: Five Reasons The Best Venture Returns Are Yet To Come — And Five Reasons It Might Be Too Late
MODERATOR: Lawrence Aragon
SPEAKERS: Allen Latta, Managing Director, Campton Private Equity Advisors Trey Hart, Vice President, Northern Trust; Joelle Kayden, Managing Member, Accolade Partners
10:30 am Panel 10: VC Visions on Cyber Security: What Trends are Investors Seeing on the Horizon?
MODERATOR: Mahendra Ramsinghani, Advisor, ICEBERG.IO
SPEAKERS: Dharmesh Thakker, General Partner, Battery Ventures; Asheem Chanda, Partner, Greylock Partners; Bob Ackerman, Founder & Managing Partner, Allegis Capital
11:00 am Panel 11: The MicroVC Trend: Will Specialists and Vertical MicroVCs Outperform The Market?
MODERATOR: Samir Kaji, First Republic Bank
SPEAKERS: Lior Susan, GP and Founder, Formation 8; Mark Gorenberg, Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners; Jim Scheinman, Founder and CEO, Maven Ventures
11:30 am Venture Alpha Closing Panel: How Today's Top VCs Will Find Tomorrow's Unicorns - Before Anyone Else Does
MODERATOR: Alastair Goldfisher
SPEAKERS: John Frankel, Partner, ff Venture Capital; Jonathan Heiliger, General Partner, Vertex Ventures; Ethan Kurzweil, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partner; Katherine Barr, General Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
12:00 pm Closing Keynote Speaker: Andrea Auerbach, Managing Director, Head of Global Private Invesment Research, Cambridge Associates



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