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Featured Webinar

PE/VC Masterclass - In Concert: How deal teams and IR staff collaborate to provide best-in-class service to investors

Today's LPs may be bullish on private equity, but their commitments come with increasing expectations from GPs. Deal partners need to work with IR staff to ensure their investors are getting what they need, or they may find that next commitment harder to win. This market might favor GPs, but given the volatility of today's world, no firm should expect the fair weather to last forever.

Join us Tuesday, November 19th from 1PM to 2PM EST for a special 60-minute Webinar brought to you by Backstop Solutions Group, the leading provider of productivity tools to private equity firms and their investors.

Our expert faculty will cover the following topics:

  • Best practices for IR staff and deal partners to collaborate on fundraising materials before fundraising begins
  • How deal partners juggle the responsibilities of sourcing new deals, serving the current portfolio and...helping that fundraising effort
  • How IR staffs use deal partners as a strategic resource to bolster their full-time effort
  • How IR staffs decide when an LP request could use a deal partner's answer
  • What LPs expect, and don't expect from the deal partners in the GP/LP relationship
  • What LPs expect, and don't expect from the IR staff
  • How technology can be used to help deal teams and IR staffs exceed LP expectations

Speakers include:

  • Jay Brupbacher, Investor Relations – Director, Permira
  • Vivian Flynn, Managing Director of Investor Relations, Pomona Capital
  • Jason Jerista, Director, Investor Relations, LLR Partners
  • Karl Schade , Managing Partner, Presidio Investors
  • Danielle Fortman, Project Manager, Backstop Solutions

Moderated by: Rob Kotecki, Reporter, PEI

The Journey Into a Capital Providing Family Office - What Makes for a Successful Partnership?

This is a precursor webinar to Family Office Connect Fall 2019 and will discuss the following topics:

  • Why do Family Office and Independent Sponsors work together?
  • How do Family Offices and Independent Sponsors work together?
  • On what economic terms do Capital Providers and Sponsors work together?
  • How is the Independent Sponsor/Family Office relationship evolving?
  • Open Q&A discussion at the end

State of the Private Market in Texas: How are elite investors in Texas thinking about the private market?

Texas is the second largest state economy in the US and with the private market in Texas changing rapidly, what will it face next?

Join us for a webinar discussion highlighting the state of the private market in Texas. We’ll take a look at the private equity and venture capital investments of 3 elite investors in the state of Texas and beyond. You’ll hear from a Dallas based family office (The Rosewood Corporation), private debt fund (Bluffview Energy), and the corporate venture arm of largest company on the planet (Saudi Aramco Ventures).

Best Practices: Trends in Compensating Top PE/VC Talent

Unsure what to pay in salary, bonus and carry to attract the best of the best? Worried about losing talent to the competition? Wondering how quickly rival firms are building up their payrolls? Join us for a special 75-minute Webinar, “Best Practices: Trends in Compensating Top PE/VC Talent,”

Family Office Master Class: Making Money, Doing Good with Opportunity Zone Funds

Watch this webinar on opportunity zone funds—partnership or corporations set up by entrepreneurs, developers and money managers to invest in the nearly 9,000 state-designated opportunity zones across the country. Looking to save millions of dollars in capital gains taxes? Eager to have a positive impact in poor communities by investing in real estate, infrastructure projects and private equity? Don’t miss this webinar

PE/VC Masterclass: Building Processes for Agile and Flexible Deal Flow Management

Did you know that most PE professionals review just a small percentage of the universe of deal flow in their target markets? It’s true, according to the latest research. But it’s also true that you can take steps right now to see more deals and better-quality deals. This webinar brought to you by Backstop Solutions Group, the leading provider of productivity tools to private equity firms and their investors.

IR Masterclass: Keeping LPs Satisfied in an Age of Transparency

As a private equity professional, you know how critical it is to keep investors happy at every stage of the fund lifecycle—from courtship to final close to that final distribution. Find out best practices in LP reporting and annual meetings.

Want to Drive Operational Efficiency? The C-Suite Needs to Lead Organizational Change

Is your firm still leaning a little too heavily on Excel spreadsheets? Feel like you’ve lost a step to rival deal sponsors quicker to adopt new platforms? You’ll hear executives from blue-chip private equity and venture capital firms share best practices for getting their firms to adopt new technologies to streamline both fundraising and deal-making.

PE/VC Best Practices: How Independent Sponsors Can Identify and Win Profitable Deals

Are you an independent sponsor looking to expand your circle of proprietary deal sources? Looking for an edge in winning limited auctions? Don’t miss this webinar on the latest strategies for working with accountants, attorneys, business brokers, investment bankers and, of course, business owners who can lead you to your next great deal.

PE/VC Best Practices: Putting LPs at Ease on Cybersecurity and IT Outsourcing

Limited partners have little tolerance for fund managers that aren’t up to speed on their cybersecurity and privacy requirements. Fall behind in these critical areas and your days raising institutional money will be numbered. Don’t miss this webinar.


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